"LDF is a valuable resource that no law enforcement officer should be without. "
Micheal Chad Heiser, Santa Rosa POA

"[My representative] is the poster face representative of the greatest attorney (representative) that anyone could possibly ask for. She gets a 12 out of 10 star rating. Nobody works harder. "
Dan McDow, San Luis Obispo POA

"My representative was very kind and showed he cared when explaining what my legal rights were when dealing with an internal investigation. "
Grace Castro, AFGE Local 2455 – Laredo, TX

"My representatives were always well-prepared and organized for hearings and meetings. Their efforts, hard work and full support is truly appreciated. "
Roman Fernandez, Inglewood POA

"LDF is THE most important asset / resource that police officers have. "Thank you" to all involved and keep up the good work!"
Emery Eccle, Culver City POA

"The attorney assigned to my case was GREAT! It's sad, but it's impossible to be an officer in today's world without a defense fund like PORAC LDF. I am now retired and signed up for the retired officers CCW LDF. Thanks!"
Gregory Carbett, Ontario POA

"I thank God for the support of LDF and my attorney. I had a letter of intent to be fired and he helped me turn it all around. I still have my job and I'm so grateful. "
Michelle Foerder, Pinole PEA

"Quick response, experienced and knowledgeable attorney which assisted in every step. [My representative] kept me apprised through the process. Thank you. "
Robert Hartman, Contra Costa Co DSA

"LDF is a great organization that not only helps their clients but many of those around them such as coworkers and family members."
Richard Salcido, Brea PA

"Great job by all! Always great to know LDF is there when needed."
Doug Plumhoff, Ridgecrest PEA

"You guys are Great! Very professional and well informed. THANK YOU!"
Steven Moorehouse, Redding POA

"LDF assisted by taking a stressful situation and calmed it down by thoroughly explaining the entire process. It was nice to know that I had an ally when I was sure that I was alone. "
Shaun Luciano, LA School PA

"[My representative] was very knowledgeable and courteous. He knew his stuff, and I couldn't have asked for a better guy to be on my side on this matter. Thanks. "
Miguel Suarez, Monterey Co DSA

"LDF is a very valuable resource. I would not do this job without it. "
Michael Shephard, Suisun City POA

"Outstanding [law firm] - incredible firm. And, LDF was easy to work and correspond with. "
Derwin Longmire, Oakland POA

"Everything was explained very well prior to my questioning. I was not worried at all during the investigation. Very professional and a great asset to its members. "
Gregg Palmer, San Joaquin Co Corr POA

"I was very satisfied with the work the LDF performed. The lawyers and clerical staff at [law firm] were all very kind, professional and they always assisted me when I called and never made me feel like I was a burden. Thank you LDF!"
Katie Angermiller, Tuolumne Co DSA

"Having an LDF attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and professional is an outstanding quality. [My representative ]exhibit all of these qualities and more. They are outstanding and I would not entrust my career to anyone else! "
John Tinder, Chino POA

"He did a great job for me!!! He always returned my phone calls within 24-hours. He showed an interest in my case and we were able to get the issue resolved in less than 45 minutes. Thank you for being there when I needed the legal assistance. "
Robert Curato, Anderson POA

"[My representative] made himself available 7 days a week understanding that those were my needs. He was very well informed and kept me on the right track and in the right frame of mind. "
Caitlin Collins, Tiburon POA

"I am very pleased with LDF and would use and recommend them again and again and again."
Malcolm Norrington, LA School PA

"I was very impressed with the speed at which the case was handled. Thank you!"
Christopher M. Fuzie, Modesto POA

"To whom it may concern: Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the opportunity to join the PORAC Legal Defense Fund. This is a great benefit for our membership. During the past twelve months I was fortunate to have access to the Legal Defense Fund through MPCA. Earlier this year I was both surprise, and disappointed, when realized that I needed to provide counsel to mediate pending litigation. In accessing the Legal Defense Fund I found your staff to be very professional and reassuring. The staff felt that [my representative]., would be the best ft for the situation. I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for being represented by [Rick Barry]. Not only was he a good fit for the circumstances, at times it seemed as if he was the only attorney out of several involved that really had a grasp on the issues. Again, I would like to thank the PORAC staff, and know that I could not have been better served than by what was provided by [my representative]. "
Christopher Connally, Assn of LEA

"[My representative] was awesome."
Michael Sexton, Manteca POA

"I'm very pleased with the services offered by the LDF. I feel so fortunate to enjoy the benefits of having the membership. The services provided by LDF to its members is simply 110% professional, supportive, great!! LDF care for its members is reflected by the quality of Best Law Firm offered, simply the best!"
Linda Mendez, Imperial Co Prob and Corr

"I didn't end up needing his service but he was awesome in what conversations we had before the matter was resolved. Very valuable - LDF!"
Nancy Page, Aurora PA

"[My representative] is the best LDF rep I have ever had. If I were to need an LDF rep again I would want it to be [my representative]. "
Scott King, Ripon POA

"I have always been and will continue to be a strong supporter of LDF and would not work as a police officer without it. I am extremely happy with the service I have received both from LDF and [my representative]."
Michael Kan, Palo Alto POA

"Mine was a fairly simple situation and I may not have needed representative. I am glad I called for help, it gave me peace of mind and reassurance. "
Christine Farmer, Tehama Co DSA

"I am very happy with the service I received from LDF. I am grateful that our association includes LDF as part of our dues."
Cherie Rye, Lyon Co SEA

"[I'm very satisfied and grateful] for LDF representing me. My attorney was professional, honest, and very knowledgeable of his profession. During these tough times my attorney would contact me on a regular basis to see how I was doing. This was obviously not part of his job description, but it kept me at ease and not losing my mind. I'm thankful that I was represented by LDF. "
Miguel Masso, Oakland POA

"Hope to never in a situation again, however, glad to know that LDF is there to help."
Katherine Comesana, Mountain View POA

"My rep was very helpful in explaining the processes and stayed in contact throughout the ordeal."
Jason Boust, Sanger POA

"[My representative] brings a superlative reputation, a comforting and confidence building demeanor and a clear expertise to the table. In particular I appreciate her philosophy that she gives her total undivided attention to her clients during their appointments."
Keith Stiver, Hayward POA

"Amazing job, Thank you."
Erik Kusmerz, Lyon Co SEA

"[My representative] was awesome! He provided an excellent explanation of the process and was very professional. This was my first IA in 11 years of LE and [my representative] did a great job of reassuring me that I had nothing to worry about. Thank you so much for all your help."
Billy Aldridge, Chico POA

"Good service. Thank you."
Patrick Beggs, Fresno Co DSA

"In 14 years I have never had to deal with an "IA." [My representative] was wonderful & put my mind at ease throughout the entire process. Thank you!"
Oliver Sansen, Concord POA

"Everything was great!"
Byron Kies, Santa Barbara Co DSA

"I so appreciated my LDF rep - his kindness and understanding re my case during an embarrassing and uncomfortable time - he was so caring."
Diana Drummey, Coronado POA

"[My representative] is the best!!"
Greg Harman, Kensington POA

"I was very pleased with my representative. "
Kenneth S. Blonski, East Bay Regional Parks PMA

"Outstanding service from bottom-to-top. "
Korey Lankow, Assn Highway Patrol of Arizona

"Very satisfied with the service I was given."
Scott Muir, Tracy POA

"[My representative] did a fantastic job at returning my phone calls and keeping me informed of any and all information pertaining to my case. I would recommend him to anyone."
Kelly K. Roe, San Joaquin Co Corr Officers

"[My representative] did an excellent job! I would highly recommend him to any officer in need of LDF services."
Thomas E. Lorente III, Bart POA

"I could not be happier with the interest, work put into my case, and assistance from [my representative]. Thanks !!"
Joe Charvez, Santa Clara Co DSA

"I have held leadership positions in our POA most of my career. Because of my role as President and Vice President I have been a target to management. I feel that if it were not for LDF I wouldn't have a job"
Kerry Carlson, Midpeninsula Ranger POA

"I think that [my representative] did a great job in presenting my case. I would recommend her to any deputy (officer) facing disciplinary action. My case was minor compared to other cases but [she] still did a professional job."
Gerhard Wallace, Santa Clara Co DSA

"[My representative] was very attentive, [informative] and knowledgeable. He spoke very clearly and explained things in ways easy to understand. [He] made me feel like he truly cared about what was going on with this case and me. Not to mention [he] was funny and witty, traits which made him trustworthy and someone who would stand by me and other police officers."
Alfredo Hernandez, El Centro POA

"[My representative] was very attentive to my case and thorough with his investigation. I would request [him] again in the future."
Sean Tinney, Berkeley PA

James F. Beland, Lake County SDA

"Great work! Thank you so much!"
Shandon Murphy, San Mateo POA

"[My representative] did a good job representing me. Kept me informed."
Kevin Hullquist, Siskiyou Co. Correctional POA

"[My representative was] great! She kept me informed and was very professional. She would be my choice if I should need her services in the future! (But I hope I won't) Thanks!"
Dwayne Sue, Oakland POA

"[My representative] always returned phone calls and let me know if he was contacted with information."
Roy Iler, San Benito CO LEM

"Although this incident was unfounded, it's still stressful. My LDF rep kept me informed and kept "work" at work."
Chad Sakamoto, National City POA

"Those who foolishly feel LDF is not a valuable resource, do so only because they have not yet needed legal representation."
Tai Pena-Hornung, Oakland POA

"I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with my LDF Representative, the process and the outcome of my case."
Jonathan Smith, San Diego D.A. Investigators

"[My Representative] was fantastic, knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk and work with. Even though the allegations lodged have not been resolved, [My Representative] continued to communicate with me, to offer his assistance."
Dennis W. Ostini, Lake County DSA

"LDF is absolutely essential to help make a system that is somewhat broken work more effectively. [My Representative] is excellent and takes a great deal of time to lisen and represent."
Rachael Van Sloten, Oakland POA

"LDF was there when I needed them!! In this litigious world, it's nice to know LDF has GREAT lawyers on our side who look out for us!! [My Representative] is a great attorney and a person I would trust in any circumstance!!!"
Paul Figueroa, Oakland POA

"This was the first time in my twenty-five year career that I had to use the services of my legal defense fund. My LDF Representative was extremely courteous, informative and professional.. She addressed all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. She did an overall outstanding job of representing me and handling my case. I could not have been any more pleased or satisfied with the job she did! I would definitely request her to represent me in the future if I needed representation."
Anthony Zack, Vernon POA

"No Complaints. Great Resource."
Chris Moore, Palo Alto POA

"Keep up the good work."
Brian Schopf, Elk Grove POA

"[My Representative] was great! Thank you."
Andrea Salas, Sonoma County DSA

"[My Representative] did an excellent job with my case. He was very professional and kept me well informed throughout this case. Thank you for an awesome job."
Alex Camarillo, LASchool P A

"[My Representative] was very helpful in my situation and I can't thank him enough."
Paul Hernandez, LA Gen Services POA Inc.

"[My Representative] was great!"
Paul Spencer, Santa Paula POA

"[My Representative] truly is an exceptional attorney. He has always represented me with honesty and compassion. Well Done."
Robyn Delaney, Mono County PSOA

"I was very pleased with the service I received"
Robert Morales, Rialto PBA

"As always... an excellent result. "
Andrew J. Brice, Santa Maria POA

"[My representative ] was great!"
German Alvarez, Anaheim PA

"I could not have had a better attorney. [My representative ] went way above and beyond his duties. I would not have had a better experience with my representative. I believe that the LDF is the single most important benefit a police officer could have!"
Robert Muelberg, Denver PPA

"Thank you for providing this service. My experience with LDF was very much to my satisfaction."
Gary Silva, East Bay Region Parks POA

"It was great comfort to know somebody would be there for me in this matter. I was able to finally sleep @ night & wake up with confidence that I would be ok. Thanks."
Kim Prout, Upland Firefighters Assoc

"I am a firm believer that LDF serves an essential part in the assistance to protect an officer's POBR & in the integrity of an investigation or complaint. I highly recommend the law office of [My Represenative]."
George Fierro, El Monte POA

"[My Representative] is a knowledgeable attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing representation."
Dennis Leach, National City POA

"Keep up the Good Work! Your service was extremely helpful to me. Thank you."
Steven E. Lopez, Santa Maria POA

"[My representative was] very quick to respond, helpful and professional. Thank you!"
Robin Gonzalez, Yolo Co. DSA

"[My representative] has represented me twice now and both times I have been very pleased with his thoroughness with handling my cases. I appreciate all what LDF and [my representative] have done for me."
Brendan Tinney, UC Berkeley POA

"[My representative] is an excellent attorney. I would use him again. He communicates with his clients and is very competent."
Tigran Topadzhikyan, Glendale POA

"Thank you for all your help!"
Christopher Adams, Modesto POA

"[My representative] was very professional and helpful. She kept me informed with my options and the direction of the investigation."
Greg Gladson, LA Airport POA

"My attorney provided outstanding representation."
Gilbert Garcia, Oceanside POA

"Very helpful program. Helped keep department personnel focused on the issue regardless of their personal issues."
William Pryor, Statewide University PA

"Being a police officer in the city of Oakland, I appreciate the services that are offered."
Rodney Kirkland, Oakland POA

"High quality service, proficient, well informed. Overall, very happy with experience."
Nicholas Belliveau, Sebastopol POA

"The firm I used was very valuable to my career and kept me updated as to status of the case. Thank you!"
Joseph A. Henderson, Merced POA

"When I first contacted LDF re: my case I was unsure of how well/poor I'd actually be represented. I was impressed beyond belief. From the timely responses from my attorney, his knowledge in my case, advising me what my rights were and where I stood. I felt like I was genuinely being protected from unwarranted and unfounded accusations and believe, as long as I am in the right, I have someone fighting for me. Thank you, Thank you."
Stephanie Haas, Lyon Co SEA

"Great job."
Russell Wise, Alameda POA

"Very happy with LDF."
Jason Kearsing, Elk Grove POA

"[My representative] was an excellent lawyer."
Ricky L. Hemphill, Los Angeles School PA

"[My representative] always took my calls or returned them within hours. Put my mind at ease and kept me well informed. LDF is well served by this law firm!"
John M. Laser, Oceanside POA

"Good job!!"
Carl Miller, Clearlake POA

"[My representative] was an outstanding attorney to work with. Even though I did not receive a desirable outcome entirely, I was exceptionally satisfied with his representation. Thank you."
Christopher Boyd, Carlsbad POA

"[My representative] was helpful and made me feel supported. I got the results I desired. Very pleased with the process."
Kristen Patterson, Contra Costa Co Prob. Assn.

"Thank you for your services."
Albert Contreas, Imperial Co. DSA

"[My representative] has been in my corner for 28 years. I have been represented by this firm probably 6 times in my career from minor to major discipline cases with a great outcome for me. They're batting 100%"
Gary J. Foppiano, Oakland POA

"My LDF representative had a power point presentation, which was extremely professional."
Jurell Snyder, Oakland POA

"You guys did an amazing job! Thank you L.D.F. !"
Eric Olson, Escondido POA

"[My representative] not only did he do a great job but he listened to my concerns. He did not force his views or game plan and we worked well w/ each other. We agreed on a goal and achieved it. "
Jay Garacochea, Culver City POA

"Very thorough group of sharp/smart government concerned [attorneys]. They understood what was happening and briefed me on everything. I was very impressed."
Chris Lyon, Tulare Co DSA

"Excellent program, no one should be without this coverage."
Jeff Stanley, Upland POA

"The LDF responded immediately upon my request for counsel. LDF provided the best representative I could receive! When I called LDF for advice, I was given advice again immediately. Thank you LDF for your concern."
Ernest Marugg, San Diego Deputy DA Association

"[My representative] is the best attorney LDF has. Her attention to details, professionalism, and intelligence were off the charts. If I did not have her as a rep I would probably be out of a job. She is fair and she was honestly concerned about me, my family and my case."
Allison Clark, Twin Cities POA

"My rep did a good job. First we met and he explained that there might be culpability on my part but not nothing close to the allegations. I appreciated his honesty as we have all done things that can be taken out of context so it was important he told me to realize that."
Jaime Kim , Oakland POA

"Your rep was very personal. Even though my case involved something minor, your rep made me [feel] my case was his most important. I am very satisfied with my LDF team."
Christopher Delaney, Upland POA

"I have used this law firm for union related business for the last several years. It was a no brainer to call them for LDF."
Andrew Hill, Statewide University PA

"I can't express how satisfying and comforting it was to have such a well qualified and pleasant attorney at my side. Thank you so much for everything you did for me, and if you can, please thank [ my representative] again for being there for me."
RIchard Okeson, Hesperia USD POA

"[ My representative ] was professional, articulate and prepared, but most importantly he understood the emotional impact the investigation was having on me as a person and peace officer. I highly recommend [my representative]. "
Ken Burbank, Shasta Co DSA

"Excellent representation. [My representative] is a great attorney."
Jeff Stanley, Upland POA

"This is my 1st time using LDF and was very pleased with the service I got. [My representative] was so friendly & always returned my calls & even called to update me without provocation. "
Melissa Geraci, Oakland POA

"LDF was very informative and provided me with the direction on how to handle my case. I was very happy with LDF and their staff."
Jason Walters, Claremont POA

"No criticism to give. Very well. "
Jorge Garcia, San Joaquin Co Corr Officers

"Unfortunately, I have been placed in the position to use LDF several times in my career. Without their valued services, I would not be here to write this. I and my family thank you."
Toinie Lee Jackson, Madera Co DSA

"Thank God for the L.D.F. "
Evelyn Hooks, Shasta CO PPOA

"Very pleased with the way the process was explained to me. Received updated info faster than I expected. Overall a good experience in a not so good situation. Thanks to LDF. "
Anthony Alonzo, South Gate POA

"My LDF rep kept me well informed concerning the progress of my case. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received. Thanks."
Kip RIngen, Lake Co DSA

"My LDF rep was great, always returned my calls quickly and kept me up to date with what was going on with the case. Thank you."
Larry Fitch, Shasta Co DSA

"My LDF Representative was [Representative]. He did an outanding job with my case and I am overjoyed with the results."
John Dougherty, National City POA

"I was well represented and very glad to have LDF. Thank you."
Steven Mayorga, Ventura County DSA

"I was very well represented by a professional. I felt well represented and got great advice."
Joseph Barrett, LA Airport POA

" [My Representative] was the best and if I ever need to call al lawyer again for anything, I'll be calling her."
Jon Seabron, Oceanside POA

"Geat Service."
Ron Ruddy, Riverside POA

"My experience through dealing with this matter was horrific. Without the efforts of the LDF and more specifically [my representative], I would most certainly have fallen victim to a corrupt and unethical administration. The LDF has saved my career and brought me justice."
David Baker, Placerville POA

"Highly recommend this program for any LEO!"
James Beckman, Miracosta College POA

"[My Representative] is fabulous! Thanks for all the exra work she did for me!"
Patricia Goss, San Anselmo POA

"Great job by my LDF lawyer. I have had to use them several times over my 20 year career and their service is invaluable."
Stephen Woodward, Palm Springs POA

"[My Represenative] is an excellent attorney. He is very professional yet personable and I would definitely use him again. Thank you!"
Stacey Bonilla, San Mateo County DSA

"They did a great job!"
James Hika, Border Patrol Supervisors Association

"Very Comforting to have a knowledgeable person looking out for my best inerests. Thx!"
Cathleen Weldon, Siskiyou Correctional POA

"I have had (2) two cases in which LDF represented me. Both lawyers were exceptionally professional, intelligent and caring for me. They were friendly and very helpful."
Omar Daza-Quiroz, Oakland POA

"Thank you for all of the work related to my officer involved shooting case."
Clyde Williams, San Diego Harbor POA

"My experience was made much less stressful thanks to the LDF representation."
Scot Hicks, Humbolt County DSO

"The charges against me, if sustained, would have likely ended my LE career. I was rightfully exonerated on all charges. I was well represented by [My Representative] and thank him for a job well done!!"
David Heller, Yolo County DSA

"Thank you for your help."
Steven Moorehouse, Redding POA

"I just want to say [my representative] did a great job! Thank you."
Scott Cox, Tulare Co DSA

"My LDF rep was very attentive, and courteous. She made every effort to keep me informed, and kept my best interests at the front of the process. I was very satisfied with my LDF rep, and the entire process."
Christopher Walters, Antioch POA

"My rep was great."
Christopher Wells, Hollister POA

"Outstanding service. Thanks."
James Stephenson, Petaluma POA

"[ My representative ] is an awesome attorney. "
Brad Young, Oakland POA

"They were there when I needed them and my whole case was handled on the phone. I met my representative after my case closed and he was at our union meeting when I had the pleasure to meet him and thank him in person."
Melvarene Hayes, LA Airport POA

"[ My representative ] was bogged down with multiple cases when he represented me, but I feel he did an excellent job. I would not have wanted anyone else to represent me during a very troublesome time."
Brent Teasley, ERS/Reno PSAEA

"The LDF is a tool available to me which I hope never goes away. It makes me feel that much more confident to do my job knowing LDF has my back when police work gets ugly. And it usually does.."
Ronald J. Danison, El Monte POA

"My representative was outstanding and knew what to lookout for and how to handle situations as they appeared. He told me what to expect and how he proposed to handle the hurdles. Just telling what to expect helped put me at ease as the situation was so foreign to me, and intimidating. "
Yvonne Heuston, ERS/SPPOA Supervisors

"I am always satisfied with LDF and all their representatives."
Robert Glock, Oakland POA

"[My representative] did a great job. He is both thorough and well educated. I would use him again."
Juan Espinoza, Fresno DSA

"[My representative] is an excellent attorney and I am very happy he picks up the phone and answers my questions whenever possible."
Brad Young, Oakland POA

"Great program. I was lost until the attorneys explained the situation. I was very impressed and satisfied. Thanks LDF."
Marco Flores, Ventura County PPOA

"He was very professional. I trusted him to defend and he did! I am very thankful he was here for me."
Sherri Coral, Riverside Community College

"Excellent service, prompt and courteous."
Kim Jasper, Alhambra POA

"Good job. Thank you! [My representative] does an outstanding job representing the employees and seems to be very intimidating to the [County Management]. We like it this way!"
Kenneth Nelson, Plumas Co SA

"Very well informed group."
Carlos Gonzalez, Oakland POA

"Everything went very smooth and they handled everything! Thank you."
Brendan Dolan, Milwaukee PA

"My representative was an outstanding rep. I was very fortunate to be represented by her and the firm should be very proud to have her in it. She's courteous, smart and aggressive when needed. I would not ask for anyone else, if any other situation evolved, she's the best. Thanks."
Tamboura Nettingham, Claremont Custody Center EA

"[My representative] was wonderful! Even though my situation didn't end in my favor, he was very supportive, informative & patient. He always answered every email in a timely fashion and was very accessible. I appreciated everything he was able to do for me."
Gina Reyes, Broadmoor POA

"My representative was very good. I highly recommend my lawyer to anyone."
Rick Stephens, Alpine CO DSA

"Awesome job!"
Paul Barrolaza, Twin Cities POA

"Thank you for the funding and support. I would be in jail right now if it were not for LDF. I would not have had the funding to pay for the case. It was a tremendous help having [my representative] and his support team and the many experts supplied by LDF. I speak for myself, my family and other members of my association. "
Dan Lovelace, Chandler LEA

"My attorney was excellent. I would use her again."
Phillip Flores, Oxnard POA

"An excellent plan. Very valuable to its members."
Jack Ellis, Lompoc POA

"All the LDF representatives were very courteous and attentive with a punctual response to all of my concerns, inquiries and appointment scheduling. My representative was very informative about the legalities and kept in contact with me regularly. He was also very patient and straight forward. I would definitely want to use the LDF again and felt more confident through my proceedings because I had representation!"
Rachel Tyner, Transit EOA of San Diego

"Everything was awesome...could not be happier!"
William DeWitt, CPPA

"[ My representative ] was very knowledgeable regarding dept & legal rules regarding officer involved shooting. Provided good legal advice & was very supportive. "
Rich Stepper, Montana PPA

"The LDF process was painless and I was able to get immediate representation in an urgent time of need. Thank you LDF"
Martha Tschetter, Carson City Sheriffs PA

"Very helpful and very informative!"
Juan Pascua, Jr., San Diego Co DSA

"I have used LDF in 3 OIS's. Each time I have been very well taken care of. I highly recommend [ representative ] and the PORAC system. Well done and thank you."
Marshall Henderson, Vancouver Police Officers Guild

"I felt I was represented in a thorough and professional manner. "
Alvaro Ancheta, Glendora POA

"This was my first Internal Affairs investigation, my lawyer walked me through every step and answered all of my questions, without my lawyer's advice, I would have been lost throughout the investigation and a complete disadvantage against my department."
Todd Costa, Santa Clara Co DSA

"I would not want to be an officer without this coverage. It was great to have it and kept my mind at ease. "
Matthew Gardner, Colorado PPA

"Dear PORAC Legal Defense Fund, This email has been weighing on my heart and should have been sent a long time ago. However, time seems to move fast even though your life has been put on hold. I have been on administrative leave since December of 2012. In April of 2013, I was arrested for the performance of my duties. Since the administrative side this case has not been resolved, I won't be getting into specific details regarding my case. However, I will say that I never thought that my life would turned upside down by doing the job that I love, and doing it in a way that I had been trained. I have been in Law Enforcement for 10 years, and I have been paying my monthly dues all along. I never really understood how important paying dues might be for me, I just thought it was the "cost of business". After being arrested, I understood the real worth of that investment. Because of politics, my case was given the "full court press". On January 3rd of 2014, the case against me was dismissed. It took no less than 5 experts to convince the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office to request dismissal. The time, effort, and money that this case cost couldn't have been endured by me as the sole provider of a family of four. LDF was there, big time. The panel attorney's under LDF were the best in the business. In the uncertain time during the criminal process, I couldn't have imagined how much help they could be. What a relief to know that LDF had my back. I am used to defending those who can't defend themselves. That's my job. When I was defenseless, LDF and the attorneys assigned to my case were my advocates and defenders. I thank you. My criminal attorney said it best at the conclusion of my criminal case: "Adam and his family are thankful that they can now move forward. The evidence showing Sgt. Laird was innocent was overwhelming. The expert EPD hired said that the suspect was rising up when Sgt. Laird pushed him back to the ground. The two experts that the DA’s office hired said that the force was reasonable and appropriate. The defensive tactics instructor who trained Adam said he acted consistent with his training in apprehending a high risk suspect in a dangerous situation. In total, five separate police practices experts reviewed the case and unanimously said Sgt. Laird acted appropriately". "It is hard to imagine what it must be like to risk your life apprehending a known gang member only to be charged with using excessive force when the suspect stated that he did not even feel the contact at issue. It is simply bizarre that Sgt. Laird was ever charged with a crime". Thank you. My family and I will forever be grateful for your service, Sergeant Adam Laird "
Adam Laird, Eureka POA

"My experience with the LDF, and in particular my attorney, was extremely positive. [ My attorney ] worked very hard and kept me informed along the way. "
Jeff Griffin, Downey POA

"Everything went smooth. I think the current system works very well."
Daniel Smock, Ventura County PPOA

"Very knowledgeable and thorough and would use the rep again."
Patrick Davis, Oakland POA

"Excellent work and well worth it."
Anthony Gregori, Sonoma Co Jr College P O A

"LDF referred me to [ representative ] in Spokane, WA. [ Representative ] did an outstanding job representing me. Thank you very much for the referral ! I would not be employed any longer had it not been for [ representative ] and his legal team.”"
Christopher Wirth, A F G E Border Patrol

"I appreciated the thorough follow up by LDF staff. Many thanks and blessings for the work by LDF."
Heather Fontes, San Joaquin Co POA

"I couldn't have been more satisfied with the representative!"
Gina Romines, San Joaquin Co Corr POA

"Excellent service everytime. "
James Beckman, Miracosta College POA

"This was my first need for LDF support and I was very happy with the level of service. Thank you."
Steven Curtiss, Shasta Co DSA

"Thank you for your help. I feel very secure as you assisted me. "
Noe Cordero, San Diego POA

"[ Representative ] did a great job. My case was extremely complicated and difficult. She did a great job."
Nicholas Ward, Antioch POA

"This is a great program designed to protect LEO’s in need"
Nestor Hernandez, San Diego POA

"I had never been through an I.A. in my 21 years. I was scared and ashamed and humiliated. ( My attorney ) was excellent. He helped me through one of the worst times of my life. Had great outcome and I am grateful. "
Wendy Morrow, Chico Public Safety Association

"My representative called me back promptly and kept me informed. I had the impression she cared and was there to help. "
Aaron Delgado, Monterey POA

"Keep up the great work. "
William Jackson, Santa Maria POA

"I feel that I was very well represented by the LDF regarding a fatal officer involved shooting. Both attorneys assigned to assist me - our guild attorney plus a criminal defense attorney - were very aggressive and helpful. Their work was instrumental in helping me to navigate the criminal and internal investigations so that I could return to full duty status. "
Brian Markert, Lakewood Police Indp Guild

"From my initial call to LDF, to my "Thank You" email to (my attorney ) I had the best representation I could have hoped for. The "800" number call receptionists were very professional & understanding. (My Attorney's) office & staff kept me informed & updated. I am forever thankful to LDF & exceptional representation by ( my attorney ) & staff. "
Robert Mickschl, SAN DIEGO HARBOR P O A

"I have only used LDF once for myself, which with the circumstance was great. I work with LDF in my assignment ( OIS investigator ) and after approximately 4-5 OIS's, I have great experiences with LDF. "
Craig Caches, Fremont POA

"The members of my Association are very pleased with the level of representation that PORAC has given to us. As the President I can not thank you all enough. "
Anthony Russo, Clark Co School District

"My representative was very helpful and informative. "
Tia Dixione, Inglewood POA

"At a time when no one cares about you it's nice to have someone on your side who does. (My attorney ) made a stressful six months a lot more tolerable."
Tyler Robins, Pasadena City College POA

"I have known for sometime that PORAC would provide the services I needed at the time I needed them. This is a professional competent organization prepared to handle the appropriate legal matters our officers face in today's environment. "
Raymond Fisher , Colorado State Patrol Assn

"I appreciate the fact that my representative met with me in a social setting prior to the interview, during which time she learned the facts of the case. She was prepared for the interview. She seemed to have a genuine interest in my case. "
Rodd N. Joseph, Clearlake MMA

"Don't go to work without LDF!"
Scott Hamilton , San Bernardino Co SEBA

"Great work, no complaints."
Keith Braden, Los Angeles School Police Mgmt Assn

"26 years and I have never needed a LDF rep, but the one time you need one, it was worth the fee’s paid.”"
William Burdette, Newport Beach PMA

" I was extremely grateful for professional representation provided by ( my attorney ) during this extremely stressful situation"
Nick Bannister, Phoenix LEA

"Can’t say enough. Both representatives that I had in 2016 were excellent. ( My attorney ) made himself available to me in late night hours, which made me feel comfortable and at ease. This program is essential to us in law enforcement."
Gilbert Salazar, Montebello POA

"This attorney and her legal team were one of the best I’ve seen and interacted with. I was always in the loop and constantly updated on the case status. I would use (my attorney) again if the need came and recommend her to anyone."
James Walker, Yakima Police Patrolsman Assn

"(My attorney) is a very good attorney, despite his young age. He kept me well informed throughout my legal matter and returned phone calls in a prompt manner. I was very satisfied with his performance and would not hesitate to be represented by him again."
Douglas Mansker, Bakersfield POA

"Good firm."
Erick Gaunt, Palos Verdes POA

"Very satisfied with the LDF services provided. Thank you."
Eric White, Emeryville POA