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One of the key components for PORAC LDF's success is how the Fund is governed by its members. The Board of Trustees is comprised of four elected (and one appointed) LDF participants, who volunteer their time to carry out the duties of an LDF Trustee. All of the members of the Board are active working public safety officers.

The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is run by cops, for cops. The Board of Trustees is comprised of five active and working full-time public safety officers. The Board governs the operation of the Fund, and acts as the hearing panel for any member benefit appeals.

Many plans will only cover one employee in a multi-employee incident. With the Legal Defense Fund, everybody gets representation. We have had as many as eighteen law firms involved in a single case.

The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation's oldest, largest, and most respected public safety legal plan. Serving more than 142,000members nationwide, PORAC-LDF remains committed to protecting the rights and benefits of its members since 1974.

The Fund has been in existence since 1974 and currently has more than 142,000 members

Only the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in the representation of public safety officers allowed to represent the members.

Our providers include the most skilled and experienced attorneys. Our complaint procedure and follow-up surveys underscore our commitment to our members’ satisfaction.