Southern California Dispatcher is Reinstated

Posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2005 at 12:00PM

A terminated Southern California dispatcher was reinstated to her position as a result of a negotiated settlement, which occurred during the middle of an administrative appeal to determine if she should be reinstated.

The dispatcher, known to be emotional when given good or bad news, had applied for a promotion and been told that she was not given the position. During that conversation with her supervisor, the dispatcher was asked how she felt. The employee responded and a lengthy conversation occurred with her supervisor. The dispatcher then resumed her duties. Several days later, the supervisor claimed that the employee’s statement constituted a threat of workplace violence and the employee was placed on administrative leave where she remained for some time. An investigation followed, during which the supervisor was the complainant and a witness. At the conclusion of the investigation, the employee was notified that the department recommended termination.

The employee, represented by Ken Yuwiler of Silver, Hadden & Silver, proceeded to appeal the department’s determination and a due process disciplinary appeal commenced before the city manager. After several days of hearing the administrative appeal, the parties were encouraged by the city manager to resume previously stalled settlement discussions. Negotiations followed, which culminated in the dispatcher returning to work.

The dispatcher is delighted to have returned to work and is extremely grateful for having LDF coverage that provided her with representation during the disciplinary investigation and the administrative appeal. Without that LDF coverage, the dispatcher believes she would not have been able to appeal her termination from employment and ultimately return to work.

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