Posted on Monday, June 01, 2015 at 12:00AM

Pursuant to Article XI of the Trust Agreement and Article VII of the Plan Document, the Board of Trustees amends the Plan Document as follows:  
1. Article II (Entitlement to Benefits) is amended by adding the following as Section 6: 
        6.Participation as an Associate Participant 
 Notwithstanding sections 1 – 5 of Article II, Participants applying as individuals and not through a Member Association shall be entitled to benefits subject to the          following   initial and continuing conditions:

   1.A Participant shall submit a complete application.
   2.A Participant shall submit full and timely contributions as set by the Board of Trustees prior to January of each year for coverage in that calendar year. 
   3.A Participant shall remain a member in good standing of an association with respect to which the Board of Trustees permits individual participation.
   4.A Participant shall enroll only in Plan I (Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Actions) and shall be eligible to receive such coverage except for (1) Concerted Labor        Activity and (2) expanded non-scope coverage.
   5.A Participant shall be terminated as soon as any of the following occurs: (1) full and timely contributions are not made, (2) membership in good standing in his or her    association is not maintained, (3) membership in PORAC ceases, or (4) the Participant resigns from employment.   
   6.Sections 1 – 4 of Article II and sections 9 and 11 of Article III (Benefits) shall not apply. 
   7.Section 5 of Article II shall apply. 
   8.This is a pilot program and may be terminated at any time, with cases arising from events occurring prior to the date of termination remaining covered.
   9.This pilot program shall be subject to rules and policies adopted by the Board. 

2. Section (j) of the Summary Plan Description is amended by adding to the end of subsection (1) the phrase: “or is properly enrolled as an individual Participant.”

3.Section (k) of the Summary Plan Description is amended by modifying subsection (4) to read: “or, in the case of Participants enrolled as individual Participants, by themselves.”

4.Section (l) of the Summary Plan Description is amended by adding after “Member Association” the phrase “or directly.”

5.This amendment is effective on November 19, 2014.

This amendment was adopted by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting held on November 19, 2014, in Indian Wells, California.
Fred Rowbotham, Chair
Chris Coulter, Vice Chair

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