Porac Legal Defense Fund

PORAC Legal Defense Fund Individual Membership Program

COST: $270.00/year (includes LDF and PORAC membership)

LDF is pleased to announce the launching of a new program, which allows individuals from select agencies to receive the benefits of LDF membership. This program will also include associate membership in PORAC, which is the strongest and most effective voice for law enforcement in California.

Participants enrolled as individuals in the Individual Membership Program (“IMP”) will receive the following benefits:

Administrative Discipline

Representation in cases arising from an act or omission within scope of employment (non-scope administrative coverage provided through Pre-Disciplinary Hearing)

Criminal (act or omission within the scope of employment)

Full representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney from the outset of the investigation, through trial

This benefit is available no matter what agency does the investigation:

  • FBI
  • State
  • Local

Civil (act or omission within the scope of employment)

If there is:

  • A legal conflict of interest between you and your employer
  • Inadequate representation by your employer
  • A considerable likelihood that punitive damages could be awarded against you, or
  • Your employer refuses to represent you for an act or omission within the scope of your employment You will be provided with independent representation by an LDF panel attorney, through the Legal Defense Fund.
  • When your employing agency defends and indemnifies you pursuant to their obligation under California law, then you face no personal liability and LDF does not provide coverage. However, if the employing agency agrees to defend the officer but with a reservation of rights, the Plan will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case. This means that she is available to answer your questions about the case, review the pleadings and discovery, watch for conflicts between you and your employer, and watch for inadequate representation.

Customary and Usual Services

  • Investigators
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Polygraphers
  • Court Reporters
  • Court Costs

Conflict coverage - each member gets separate counsel as appropriate.

Attorney Selection

If an IMP member has a matter that requires legal representation, and which falls under the terms of the LDF Plan Document for coverage, then the LDF Legal Administrator will assign a local LDF panel attorney to handle that specific matter. Coverage will be provided by a highly qualified and experienced LDF panel attorney.