Plans and Rates

PORAC LDF offers a variety of plans available to meet any union's need. Each member association must select one Plan. The Legal Defense Fund currently offers the following benefit plans:

Plan Coverage Cost
Plan I* Administrative, Civil and Criminal $15.00
Plan II Civil & Criminal Actions $6.00
Plan III Limited Administrative, Civil and Criminal $9.00
Plan IV Reserve / 960 / Part Time Officers – Civil, Criminal and Limited Administrative Coverage $6.00

NOTE: Benefit Plans I & III are experience rated based on prior years of usage. Usage is determined by the amount of money spent on cases for your association members.

* For an additional $5.00 you can purchase additional non-scope coverage through the administrative hearing process.

Administrative Discipline

Representation in cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of a member’s employment as a law enforcement officer (non-scope administrative coverage is also included through any departmental administrative investigation or informal non-adversary pre-disciplinary hearing).

Criminal (act or omission within the scope of employment)

Full representation by a highly knowledgeable and experienced criminal attorney from the first indication of potential criminal exposure arising from an act committed within the scope of employment (e.g. shooting, custody death, use of force resulting in serious physical injury, violation of civil rights).

Civil (act or omission within the scope of employment)

Representation by an experienced civil attorney when a member is sued for an act within the scope of employment, but the employing agency refuses to defend the member. When the member’s employing agency defends, but fails to fully indemnify that member, the Legal Defense Fund will provide an experienced attorney to monitor the case.