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By PORAC | April 1, 2015 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

Beverly Hills Sergeant Reinstated, Wages and Benefits Restored

After a 12-day hearing and lengthy briefs, an arbitrator rendered a final and binding award revoking the termination of Beverly Hills Police Department Sergeant Richard Ceja, who was dismissed in April 2012. The arbitrator ordered that Ceja be reinstated, with the complete restoration of all lost wages and benefits.

For Ceja, a 19-year veteran of the Department, the long process leading to his reinstatement is one that he prefers to quickly put behind him, stating simply: “On behalf of myself and my family, I want nothing more than to bury the past, rejoin the team and get back to the job I have been privileged to have as an officer in Beverly Hills.”

Ceja wishes to express his sincere appreciation to the PORAC Legal Defense Fund for its support, and to Bill Hadden of Silver, Hadden, Silver & Levine, who represented him at every stage of the proceedings.