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Yearly Archives: 2000

By PORAC | November 1, 2000 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

Ldf Provides Assistance Seeking to Overturn an Erroneous Court Order

Redondo Beach management was involved in a series of high-profile disputes with various employee groups. In one incident, three city department heads were caught in an audio/visual room surreptitiously watching a meeting of the Redondo Beach POA (RBPOA). Thereafter, the city terminated the city manager, Will Kirchhoff. Kirchhoff not satisfied […]

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By PORAC | October 1, 2000 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

Mppa Convention: A Success

July 19—22, 2000 Trustee Andy Schlenker and the legal administrator Larry Friedman recently attended the Montana Police Protective Association (MPPA) Convention in Missoula, Montana. Trustee Schlenker addressed the delegates. He discussed the progress of the Legal Defense Fund over the last year, as well as recounting our successes in a […]

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