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By PORAC | March 1, 2016 | Posted in Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message


It is that time of the year when the LDF trustees gather to evaluate rates. We examine many things as we plan for the coming rate year, which runs from July 2016 through June 2017.

The trustees first examine how we and our staff of financial experts did in planning for the current year as it comes to a close. The analysis showed our assumptions for this past year’s rates were right on the money. The claims, expenses and dues collected were in line with the assumptions made when rates were set during the prior year. This also allowed us to place additional monies in our long-term investment accounts, even while reducing Benefit Plan I rates across the board during the previous year.

Officers, deputies and public safety officials from across California and the entire United States continue to migrate toward PORAC LDF as they learn what you, as current members, already know: PORAC LDF is the premier plan for public safety.

The strength of your PORAC Legal Defense Fund continues to grow: growing in members, growing in benefits and growing in influence that can be brought to bear on issues that matter to public safety.

Don’t be surprised to see the body-worn camera (BWC) information put together by your LDF panel attorneys popping up all over the country. Many police unions that participate in LDF nationwide have requested the best practices white paper and recommended BWC policy developed by your elected PORAC representatives and panel attorneys. Additionally, on the national political front, senators and congressional leaders have expressed interest in our proposed BWC legislation.

Even in the United States Capitol, PORAC LDF is recognized as the premier legal plan representing law enforcement interests, period.
If your local association does not participate in PORAC LDF, ask your local leaders why. Why do they chose to go it alone or use a second-rate plan? Do they say they “have it handled” if a case comes up? Or they have some “cash in the bank” or can find an attorney to take installment payments? I have heard this more than once, and sooner or later that association catches a case it cannot handle. Sometimes they try to get coverage from a cut-rate, second-tier legal plan and find nothing but empty promises and attorneys who shouldn’t even be trusted to chase ambulances, let alone represent American heroes in blue, green or tan. They then join LDF, but not before having their bank accounts drained, or worse yet, a member not getting the top-notch defense that only comes from being a PORAC LDF member!