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By PORAC LDF | November 1, 2020 | Posted in Chairman's Message


On behalf of the Legal Defense Fund Board of Trustees, please allow me to express how disappointed we are that as an organization we cannot be together for our annual conference. I know many fellow members and their families look forward to the opportunity to engage with each other every November.

Interest in our Fund continues to grow nationwide. This year, again, we have more participants than ever before in the history of the Fund. We have members in every state in the United States and 4 U.S. Territories.

The theory of Continuous Improvement is the method by which I strive to guide my path as Chairman.

While LDF continues to grow and continues to build its assets to handle any challenges that come our way, it has long been my position that we must constantly strive to improve and never become complacent, always standing on the shoulders of those who came before us and reaching for better.

A phenomenon we at LDF are now seeing across the country is that critical incidents investigated years ago are being revisited by the investigating agencies. We, as labor leaders, must keep a lookout for signals an old case is finding new scrutiny. These signals could be public, as obvious as a press conference, or questions coming from a new agency. Ensure your member is represented!
If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to any LDF trustee.

On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees
Fred Rowbotham