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By Castillo Harper, APC | July 7, 2022 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

Update: CA DUI Lawyers Association v. CA Department of Motor Vehicles

DANIEL CABALLERO Certified Law Clerk Castillo Harper, APC Even police officers make mistakes and, unfortunately, occasionally some of our PORAC Legal Defense administrative caseload involves the police officer arrested for off-duty driving under the influence. For the officer, that involves the criminal defense component, the Department of Motor Vehicles license […]

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By Rains, Lucia, Stern, St. Phalle & Silver | July 1, 2022 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

A Perfect (and Passing) Storm

ANDREW M. GANZ Attorney Rains Lucia Stern St. Phalle & Silver, PC On April 29, after very brief deliberations, a Sonoma County jury acquitted Sergeant Lance Novello on all charges in a case that epitomized the overreach and injustice of the current crusade to charge and convict police officers. The […]

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By Stone & Busailah, LLP | June 1, 2022 | Posted in PORAC LDF News

No Discipline for Officer’s Refusal to Consent to Cell Search

MUNA BUSAILAH Partner Stone Busailah, LLP MICHAEL SILANDER Associate Stone Busailah, LLP Question — Can you be disciplined for refusing to produce your personal cell phone for an administrative search?   Answer — In sum, peace officers can expect that their personal cell phones, if purchased by themselves, may generally not […]

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